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Tuesday, May 12th | 12Stone Church

Registration Opens (2:00 pm)

Opening Session

Dinner at 12Stone Church (5:30 pm)

Wednesday, May 13th | 12Stone Church      

Breakfast on your own at hotel

Main Session 02 (9:00 am)


Main Session 03

Lunch at 12Stone

Breakout Sessions


Main Session 04

Depart for group dinner (5:00 pm)

Thursday, May 14th | 12Stone Church

Breakfast on your own at hotel

Main Session 05 (9:00 am)


Main Session 06

Worship and Communion

Closing (12:00 pm)


A Better Theory

Nathan Elson – CDF Capital

No matter what we do, or how we do it, there is always a better way. If that is the case, then how do you go about finding it? With a better theory of course. Whether it is finding new efficiencies, improving the quality of what you do, or finding new ways to do things, this five-step process is designed to drive innovation. This process will help you do better whatever it is that you do.

The 3 C’s of Healthy Conflict Resolution

Jess Bealer – Generis

Conflict is uncomfortable for everyone. When personalities or opinions are at odds, tension is created. Don’t let the experts fool you, tension creates anxiety no matter how well you learn to manage it, but just as a road trip is less problematic with navigation, conflict is more easily traversed when you have a plan and a destination. In this session we’re going to create a road map to help you and your organization find healthy conflict resolution.

Living A Life of Honor in a Broken World

Matthew LaGrange – His Story Coaching and Counseling

In this workshop, you will learn the difference between respect and honor.  The world says that respect is what we all should aspire to, yet God is  calling us to something higher, for ourselves, for our families, for our church.  Learn How to live and honorable life.

Experiencing God’s Presence in Prayer

When the activity of prayer increases, we’re at risk of losing the true purpose of prayer; the experience of God’s presence. Engaging God though a relational paradigm can be a game-changer as we look to experience more of God through prayer. This class will highlight some very simple ways to pursue God, keeping our relationship with him as the path and the encouragement of his presence as our goal.

Leading a Volunteer Team

Volunteer teams are the lifeblood of our church. Our ability to lead these teams unlocks a next level of impact. This training will help you recruit, retain and care for volunteers on your team.

Leading Broken People

What happens when the people you lead get messy? No doubt you’ve experienced walking with people through varying degrees brokenness, but what do you do to help them through it? Join us as we unpack practical tools you can use to help broken people live better lives.

Leading Through Transition

Transition of staff is a natural part of every large organization. While this is true, transition is rarely easy. The way you lead yourself, your team, and your people through transition could be one of the most important things you do in your ministry. In this class you will learn how to walk through transitions in a healthy way.

Leveraging Social Media for Jesus

Social media is the biggest communication shift since the printing press and chances are, you engage in it every day. That shift has led us to a hyper-connected world that’s moving increasingly further away from Jesus. This class will unpack how to leverage your personal social media to impact people for Jesus.

Life Cycle of a (church) Staff Member

Working in ministry, can have a unique impact on your spiritual journey.  We’re often faced with choices that can lead us deeper in our relationship with Jesus or take us to a deeper sense of dissatisfaction.  This class will take a look at both of those competing choices and unpack how to stay in the journey of ministry while growing your faith.

Overcoming Your Shadow Mission

Your shadow mission is your calling hijacked by your ego and your wounds and can have a significant impact on your life and leadership. Learning to identify it and overcome it allows you to operate freely inside your calling and address potential pitfalls before they happen. In this class, we will unpack how to identify your shadow mission, and how to overcome it.

Project Management

Whether it’s changing the toilet paper roll, paying your bills on time, or distributing 17,000 Live Sent T-Shirts, all of us are project managers in one way or another. This training will help you turn you or your boss’s ideas into workable projects and then equip you to win the results of those projects.