Chris Rivers Band

, Welcome to Texas Registration Party

For the past ten+ years, The Chris Rivers Band has been the “Official Band of Gilley’s Dallas”, playing every Friday-Saturday night through 2013 and numerous private events throughout the years. We have appeared in three episodes of the new hit TV series DALLAS and our recording was featured on episode 3 of the TV Series.

Prior to that, we played 250+ dates a year from 1995-2001. We played Billy Bob’s, Rodeo Exchange, Pearl’s Dancehall, Cowboys Arlington and Cowboys Red River, Grizzly Rose in Denver, and clubs around Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

We have made numerous appearances on FOX4 Good Day and opened for Dwight Yokum, Willie Nelson, Peter Frampton and Ringo Starr, the Mavericks, Johnny Lee, Gary Allen, Jason Aldean, and many, many more.