Self-Care in Ministry – How you honor God by taking care of yourself

May 8, 2019

12:30 PM

Next Steps Room

Self-Care in Ministry – How you honor God by taking care of yourself.

We are excited to have Matthew LaGrange, PhD from His Story Coaching and Counseling joining us. As a husband, father of two children, speaker, pastor, founder, and director of a non-profit and ministry leader – Matthew knows firsthand the demands of the unique environment of serving in ministry.  He works with churches and minister/pastors across the country helping them discover the importance of self-care and the simple steps to make it happen.

Through this workshop, Matthew will discuss:

  • What self-care actually is (and what it is not)
  • Why self-care is biblical
  • How you can begin to find your own rhythm of self-care
  • How to help your ministry staff better care for themselves
  • Dr. Matt LaGrange

    Perissos, Founder, Coach & Counselor


    Dr. LaGrange founded His Story Coaching and Counseling in 2011 and his goal has been to develop an affordable, high-quality coaching and counseling practice that meets the needs of individuals, families, and organizations throughout our community. He has put together an outstanding team of certified life coaches and licensed counselors offering comprehensive mental health care

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